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The PSC’s Signature Members Pastel Show is open only to artists who have attained Signature or Master Signature status in the PSC. Expectations for the Signature Show are extremely high due to the accomplishments of its contributors, which include award-winning skills, nationally accepted experience, and creative vision. Qualifying artists have been juried into and won awards in a designated number of regional, state, national or international pastel exhibitions. They have also demonstrated leadership in the PSC by serving as a board member or officer, teaching or chairing a workshop, or giving a presentation or demonstration in members meetings or other official gatherings. For this reason, visitors to the Signature Show describe it as provocative, awe-inspiring, and a not-to-be-missed experience for all who appreciate the fine arts. As with all artwork sold through PSC shows, the commission collected by the organization is used to fund cash awards for artists in future exhibitions.

The 2017 PSC Signature Member Show at Center for the Arts in Evergreen, CO

PSC 2017 Signature Member Show

Pastel Society of Colorado, Current PSC Master and Signature Members Only

Show Co-Chairs: Peter Heineman & Carole Buschmann

Center for the Arts Evergreen from July 22 to August 31, 2017



Registration: To Enter the next show, please visit

Entry Deadline:  TBA

Eligibility:  Open to all current Master and Signature Members of the Pastel Society of Colorado


Awards Judge: Clive Tyler

American Impressionist

Soft Pastel


Clive R. Tyler, studied Fine Art and Design and graduated with a BFA. Painting with integrity and seeking the truth in subject matter, his classical oil compositional painting style is unique for soft pastel. With strong composition and attention to light, values and color theory, paintings make an emotional connection. "I wish to share the outdoor experience that I have had with nature and my interpretation as an artist with a representational impressionist point of view. I am painting the experience, not a reproduction of the view."


Signature Member of the American Impressionist Society.

Member of the Plein Air Painters of NM

Awards from the 2017 Signature Members Show at Center for the Arts Evergreen

AWARDS selected by Show Judge,
Clive Tyler and
some of his comments about the winning artists and their body of work:

No Images Provided: Best of Show - Barbara Churchley

Showed Consistency of Style, pastel handling and Drawing capabilities.

3 different shapes and sizes of the painting added to the concept of the series.

Exploring new concepts and approaches of painting ones own back yard make

an honest grouping. Excellent color palette and painting quality.


Third Place - Susan McKelvy

A unique approach to peaceful scenes with High energy techniques and

textures. Strong but simple compositions. Nice contrast of detail of small

work. Colors and value work well in harmony as strong color families and in

color contrast.


Second Place- Jeannette Stutzman

Excellent approach to light. Explores the energy of light in 3 different subject

 matters which gently draw you in. Delicate handling of edges and a sensitive

approach to colors and color harmony.


First Place- Sandy Marvin

A Masterful series of trees, as an exploration on one simple subject matter.

Beautiful and elegant compositions. Subtle light shifts with nice touches of

color. Has a clear understanding of values and drawing.

Honorable Mention - Sarah St. George

Water -  A bold approach to the concept of water. Investigating a graphic

composition and style, complements the color theory over all.

Successful feeling of strong daylight. Good placement and spacing large

and small shapes of form and color.

No Images Provided: Honorable Mention - Roger Ambrosier

Clouds -  This grouping in a tonalist style conveys atmosphere and place.

 An emotional approach to series with subtle color temperature sifts in color

 and values.  Strong color harmony and classic landscape compositions.

Beautiful handling of the pastel.


Honorable Mention- Peter Heineman

Abstract- Color combinations show confidence and strong sensitivity and

knowledge of color. Fresh clean bold strokes evokes tons of emotion and

 expression. Small touches of color notes add to the excitement of

 complements and unique color combinations.


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