PSC Mile High
International Pastel Exhibition


The Pastel Society of Colorado sponsors its highly competitive Mile High International Pastel Exhibition at a venue in the Denver Metropolitan region every year. Over 100 exceptional pastel paintings are selected by a nationally-recognized juror and judge from at least 300 highly competitive entries. The resulting show is an opportunity for artists to win up to $10,000 in cash and merchandise, art connoisseurs to expand their collections, and the public to enjoy the shimmering colors of pastels throughout the shows 4 – 8 week duration. The breadth of subjects, styles, and skills found only in pastel paintings at their best are captured in the shows beautiful catalogue.

The 2021 Pastel Society of Colorado Mile High International Pastel Exhibition
Curtis Center for the Arts, Greenwood Village, CO

PSC 2021 Mile High International Pastel Exhibition

Pastel Society of Colorado


Juror and Judge of Awards: Alain Picard


Show Co-Chairs: Jeannette Stutzman & Sarah St. George


Show Opens May 8, 2021

Show Reception & Awards May 21, 2021 6-8pm

Location: Curtis Center for the Arts

2349 East Orchard Rd, Greenwood Village, CO 80121

Click this link to download a pdf file of the 2021 PSC Mile High International
Pastel Exhibition Catalog

Congratulations to our 2021 Award Winners!

This year we're proud to award over $10,000 in cash and merchandise thanks to our sponsor & member donations!

Best of Show/Sally Davidson-Marovich Award


by Leslie Trujillo-Batts

"This expertly crafted still life carries a strong and imaginative concept through to the very last touch of pastel. Filled with dazzling reflections, shimmering surface effects, and a strikingly cohesive design,
the artist has brought the story of
the golden pear to fruition with the most
exacting attention to detail. The closer you approach to view this painting,
the more you will be rewarded."

First Place


Mesa Magic

by Nancy Lewis

"You can actually breathe the crisp cool air that fills this masterful painting with color and light. There is a powerful flow of design to carry the viewer through the snowy scene with an excellent balance of interlocking shapes. The chill of winter and smell of pines has never been more enchanting."

Second Place


Majestic Moment

by Katherine Irish


"This panoramic sunset is well titled. With radiant light shifting temperature from fiery warms to airy cools. Violet-bathed shadows cut through the sky, connecting the blazing horizon to the celestial blues of the heavens above. A truly majestic view."

Third Place


Small Town November

by Susan Mayfield

"This small-town suburban street scene creates a wonderful sense of place. Filled with expressive mark making and a surprising citrus color palette, an energetic horizontal design is painted in orange and teal. Driving this way is a delight to the senses."

Elizabeth Mowry
Poetic Landscape Award


Random Beauty

by Eveline Miller

"The washy atmosphere and painterly texture
of this moonscape marsh is poetic indeed. There is
both artistry and emotion painted upon the surface of the landscape with heartfelt color and romantic mood.
Random Beauty is a transfixing work of visual prose."

Terry Ludwig Pastels Award
of Excellence


Gunnison River Evening

by Becky Johnson


"In this harmonious painting of the sun setting over a snowy river, the glowing light of dusk illuminates a strong and simple arrangement of shapes, casting glimmering light upon the water between the snow covered ice. This lavender harmony is intoxicating, providing the viewer with an enchanting mood."

Great American Artworks Holy Cow Award


Twilight on the Divide

by Juanita Nelson

"The breath and power of the mountains are on display in this long panoramic composition. There is an iridescent glow of light and atmosphere filling the expanse with warm color against cooler shadows. The longer you tarry to observe, the more you will appreciate the accomplishment of the artist."

Honorable Mention


Team Work

by Barbara Benstein

"When an artist approaches the subject of horses, there is an expectation of strong draftsmanship, and we are not disappointed with Teamwork. There is also strong design to be found here, along with an expressive and colorful background that wonderfully offsets this powerful pair of horses. Let your eyes travel the equine edge of their contours to discover a distinguished and
powerful shape."

Honorable Mention


Games We Play

by Renee Marz Mulles

"Games We Play offers a delightful metaphor of billiards to explore themes of strategy and intrigue with an exciting design, a fresh overhead point of view, and skillful execution
of varied surface effects.
A great concept handled
with both wit and skill."

Honorable Mention



by Marcie Cohen

"Serenity invites us to encounter
a glowing riverbed showcasing
warm greens in the water just
beyond shimmering gold foreground grasses. Further back we discover
a lovely background relief of light
on the edge of the riverbank.
A refreshing surprise."

Honorable Mention


Jodie in Blue

by William Schneider

"In this sensitive portrait of a woman, soft edges
are the means of expressing tenderness,
along with warm, luminous colors of skin.
Tonal passages create a rich mood,
and the suggestion of the woman’s hand reveals
not only the grace of the sitter, but the skill of the artist."

UART Award


Snow in St. Charles

by Doug Dawson

"When encountering the storefront glow of this streetside view, we are at once transported to another time and place. The richly textured surface is imbued with a sense of nostalgia, and a cinematic glow of warm and cool light that invites us to window gaze in the golden lamplight. "

Reed Art & Imaging
Award of Excellence

Transformation Point

by Diane Wade


Selected by Reed Art & Imaging

Dick Blick Award of Excellence


From Dark to Light in the Colorado River Canyon

by Anne Weber

"Bold, colorful design leads the way in this striking canyon view, with dramatic shadows filled with air, and a cool riverbed below the fiery glow of the light. A riveting moment in time that is certain to stir your senses."

Jack Richeson Award of Excellence

Sunset on the Platte

by Cary Hansen

"Wonderful texture and a warm atmospheric mood set the stage for a surprising color palette in this tonalist-inspired landscape that impacts the viewer with a graphic simplicity. What a joy to behold."


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