Page 4 - 2018 PSC Mile High Nat'l Pastel Exhibition
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Our Juror & Judge, Marla Baggetta
Congratulate yourself for entering the
show! Putting one’s work out for public
view and possible critique is a very
di cult and brave thing. I commend you
all for participating in this process. I was
honored to have been chosen to be your
juror and would like you to know that I
realize all the time and e ort that goes into creating the work and entering it into a pastel society show. I’d also like you to know that I very much enjoyed seeing the great variety of subject matter and painting approaches. Please be assured that I put much thought and care into my selections! Keep in mind that my choices are simply my opinion and point of view. For those whose pieces I did not select this year, please carry on!  ere were many  ne pieces which I could not include in the show!
When I select pieces I’m primarily considering three factors:
 e use of the materials: How did the artist use the pastels and paper to their best advantage?
Craftsmanship: Did the artist use drawing skill, value, color, composition, aerial perspective to further their idea?
Poetry: Did the piece go beyond the materials and craftsmanship to possess a unique voice or story?
When a piece has these three factors working in concert, they are the most successful, wonderful to view and speak to us on a most human level.
Again, thank you to Pastel Society of Colorado for selecting me as your juror, and may you always  nd joy in your painting journey!
—Marla Baggetta, PSA, IAPS MC

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