PSC 2020 Online Member Show, Emergence From Quarantine

June 12, 2020 to August 12, 2020

Pastel Society of Colorado, Current PSC Members Only

Show Co-Chairs: Nancy Welter & Pat Seburn


If you would like information to purchase a painting in the show,
please contact our show co-chairs at

Paintings will be for sale from June 12-August 12, 2020


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Paintings are shown in alphabetical order (artist's last name).

Comments from Judge Tom Lockhart:

First of all may I say, I was very pleased to see, not only a nice variety, but a wonderful use of pastel and everyone’s unique approach to their paintings. May I also say, everyone consider design and focal point (placement of subjects within the design).

The 5 Elements of Painting are crucial to successful work:

1) Design/ Composition
2) Value, Light & Dark
3) Color (Bright/Neutral [Greyed]) Atmospheric Perspective
4) Edges, Soft Hard, (Lost & Found)
5) Texture, (Literal or Implied)

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